About us

The company ELTRONIC Ltd. was established in 1993 from a group of engineers specializing in the field of electronics, automation, computer systems and technologies. The main activities are in “Development, supply and mounting of industrial automation and control systems; manufacturing of automation systems, control systems and other non-standard control systems; industrial electronic service and etc”.

From 12th of January 2005 year the company is certificated by ISO 9100:2000 with certificated number: 166675.

Eltronic Ltd. has a tight partnership with leading world companies like:

“SIEMENS” AG –Industry Automation and Solutions – Germany

  • From 1996 year the company has a official partnership contract;
  • From 2005 year Eltronic Ltd. has a contract with SIEMENS which authorize that the company is official warranty and after warranty service for CNC SINUMERIC&SIMODRIVE for Bulgaria;

Honeywell –USA

  • From 1995 the company Eltronic Ltd. has a official partnership contract;

Eltronic Ltd. services for customers including:

  • Object research, functions definitions and area of the control system;
  • Development of deferent hardware configurations, software solutions and control possibilities;
  • Design and construction of automation control systems;
  • Project management;
  • System configuration and parameters definition;
  • System installation and start up;
  • Staff training;
  • Warranty and after warranty service.

For all service and activities The Company has all necessary equipment situated in the company sections in the cities Ruse and Sevlievo.